I Welcome you to the Official Website of Elijah Wright. On this Website I tend to Post Daily Blogs, updates on the Wright Fam, and other Important Information that might interest you. I will also keep you updated on this Website about my Life and the Road to Making People Happy and Inspiring people thru my Life Story. I want people to be able to stay connected with us. I want to be able to tell a story that people need to hear. SO COME ALONG FOR THE RIDE!



Elijah A.Wright

About Elijah. 

Elijah is a Former Radio Personality for Hot 103 Jamz, a Local Radio Station in Kansas City. Elijah is a Senior at his High School and will be Graduating with The Graduating Class of 2017. He Joined the A+ Program at his School which has taught him so much about volunteering and giving back to his Community. He has logged more than 100 hours of Volunteering all together since his sophomore year of High School. Elijah has also volunteered with A basketball team where he once was a manager in 2011 for them. Elijah believes in Helping people and giving back to the Community because there are still people out there that are struggling just like he once did. Elijah is also the official son to Rickie Wright a former US Air force Officer who served in 1973 to 1977 and is now a Medical Assistant. Elijah has decided to begin the process of a brand new book he plans to release' no later than 2020 or sooner. Elijah hopes to inspire people with his story and be a helping hand to so many people in his lifetime. His Future dream job is to become the PRESIDENT/CEO of a huge company one day and maybe pass his company on to his kids. He wants to continue high school and then move on to Collage to apply more education to his mind. Elijah has another dream, and that is to one day Bring the News to so many people in the United States or where he calls his Hometown KANSAS CITY. Elijah is now a youtuber currently working on a Youtube Channel MyLifeAsEli which premiered on his 18th Birthday. Check it out searching MyLifeAsEli on youtube.  

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