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Posted by [email protected] on July 28, 2016 at 1:30 AM

#Blessed to be where I am today!! If you hear my story or even read my future book i guarantee you will be emotional. You don't know how blessed I am of how my life has changed. From being abused and neglected for 11 years to finally knowing god has arrived and he is showing me the right path. He once told me that Its time for me to live a better life and that you don't have to struggle anymore. If you guys didn't know my childhood was taken away from me and its the reason why I always go to my dad and talk to him, telling him why I am always jealous of these kids who are teens and just little kids getting to grow up with their lifetime friends who are their neighbors, who are their friends for many years as they go to school, who are friends that they can go places with like the movies, and the mall, and who are friends that they can talk to when they feel down and hopeless. I have never had that in life because I was trapped, because my childhood was taken, because i grew up not knowing what life was. Even today when I try to make plans, friends blow me off like I am nothing and that is just when i cut the line and I let them live their life and I worry about me. I feel like god has put my pieces together and I am now knowing that there are people out there who actually care about me and love me for who i am. I am beyond blessed that I have become friends with so many Families the past few months like the Christy Family, and the Kroen Family. I tell myself that Life is just getting more and more better and its just the beginning. I one day want to tell our generation who are going thru what i went through that you are not alone and that the lord will be there when the time is right. He will one day change your life. He will one day give you hope and to one day have you inspire more of our future generation kids. My goal is to Change this world some how and I will. He will save you when the time is right so please stay strong. To let you know I am no longer worried about making friends or being jealous of the kids who are growing up with rich parents or with a lifestyle that i don't have because one day I will provide my children with a great life. Thats my goal!! I can't wait. You have to live one day at a time and that is what I have learned since being with Dad. I am no longer trapped and I have a lifestyle that I truly love. I don't care how much money we have because it does not matter. I have learned so much and my dad is a person who has changed my life. He is a person that has sacrificed so much for me and you don't even know it. Yes Somedays I give him trouble but that's just because that's me and he knows its a joke. Yes we have our ups and downs but that's just how family runs. Yeah we have our goofy moments but its all about living life and I just want to thank him!! I also want to thank everyone who has supported me since joining Facebook and entering my dad's life. My godparents, my godcousins, my god nephews and nieces that I have now, my aunts and uncles, my cousins from my dads side, my god brothers and sisters that I have, and also my everyday friends who are actually loyal and who are willing to be there for me. Keep pushing to one day become what you dream. If you are going thru a rough time make sure to sit by someone and talk about. Don't be afraid to let it out. I will forever be here for you! Thank you Again.

Thanks for the Support by everyone. I will start blogging for real way more then I have and I just want to say sorry. Being Busy is not an excuse. I am trying my every best though. Goodnight!! 

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