Wait Summer is Ending??? WOW! #EW3

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Summer is slowly starting to Disappear. Kids are starting to head back to school so they can pull out those pencils and start studying. Don't worry just because the Summer is ending and the routine is fully back in service does not mean the pools and the water parks that we all love is ending just yet. We all have until Septemer to still enjoy all the fun things that involve lakes and the open waters. Did you guys forget that we have Memorial Weekend coming up!! YES WE DO! Its going to be a long and enjoyable weekend on the lakes and on land with fun toys we all once have dreamed of and now have. Well I don't have those things yet but I have some plans for Memorial Weekend and I can't wait. 

The Past few weekends have been so amazing. I have met some amazing new friends of ours like the Kroan family. I have learned some things that i never knew were important. Getting ready for Senior year has been a hassel. This summer was filled with ups and downs but we all have gotten through it. Now its time to get back into routine and look towards the rest of this year. I have started some brand new things over the summer like this website and a brand new youtube channel called MyLifeAsEli. We have also hit a bump in the road. This Summer i had to make the wrong dicision to end B&GCentral. Seth will be featured in upcoming videos for my new channel so that will be amazing. Its just a brand new start for the both of us. Thanks to everyone who has supported as both!

Tips to Freshman entering the Big School called HIGH SCHOOL!

1. Make sure to stay on top of all assignments.

2. Don't give you're teaachers trouble who work hard for you while in class.

3. Don't waste you're passing period laughing and goofing around because guess what CONSEQUENCES will be passed out.

4. Make sure to not be lazy because it will catch back up with you when work is do which brings us to #5.

5. Turn in work before the due date because teachers don't have the time to wait extra days for you to get done your homework because you didn't want to do it the previous night. Remember this you are not the only student she has.

Here is some Advice from Star of Pennsylvania and Rachel of New Jersey who were both freshmen. 

 Freshman year stands in my memory as the most nerve-racking to enter. I think in most cases, girls don’t know what exactly to expect from it. It’s the start of high school, which means a new building, new faculty, new kids, and a new you. And that’s just the thing: It’s a new you. While it’s scary being in such a new environment, the best advice I can give you is to adapt the best you can. Realize that your friends are going to change. It can’t be helped. But change can be the best thing. It can allow you to shape yourself into who you want to be, not who the people around you expect you to be. I’m sure you’ve heard people tell you this before, and I can promise you it’s important: Try your best in your academics. This will be the first year you take finals. Save yourself from the stress and get good grades. That way the grade you get on your finals won’t make or break your chances of passing because your year averages were a safety net. I can’t stress enough how important it is to join as many clubs and/or sports as you possibly can. In the end, freshman year isn’t all bad. You can make a lot of new friends and learn so much about life. —Star, 15, Pennsylvania

Before starting high school, the advice I wish I had been given was that there’s very little to stress about. All you need to do is work hard, have nice friends, and join a few clubs. The thing I regret most was that I procrastinated too much, and I think I could have gotten better grades if I had not pushed the work back until it was two in the morning. You should try to surround yourself with good people, people who work hard and who are friendly. If these aren’t the people around you, I think you’re better off alone, honestly. Personally, I loved being alone most of the time, and I never felt lonely. It’s important to feel comfortable being alone, it’s a strength. I think you should join a couple of clubs. I didn’t join any clubs last year, but I’m going to join art club and track this fall. Joining a club will probably help you meet new people and make you look better on your record. Finally, don’t stress too much. It’s freshman year, and you shouldn’t kill yourself over a couple of mistakes. Just work hard to make yourself proud. Before you know it, freshman year will be over. Good luck! —Rachel, 15, New Jersey

Goodnight everyone and have a great night. Stay amazing!! 


Elijah A.Wright